Biden Soon to Choose Whether to Go to the Brink of WW3

Biden Soon to Choose Whether to Go to the Brink of WW3

Biden Soon to Choose Whether to Go to the Brink of WW3

by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

On May 29th, the New York Times reported that, “Mr. Biden’s two mandates in the [Ukraine] war — don’t let Russia win and don’t risk starting World War III — have always been in tension with each other. … Mr. Biden does not have much time [to decide whether to go to the nuclear brink over Ukraine]. In two weeks, he begins a month of intensive face-to-face meetings with his key allies.” It says that he’ll probably decide either before June 7th (the D-Day celebrations), or at the latest before June 13th (the start of the G7 meeting).


It says that the President’s advisors think that “Putin” (not “Russia” — to say it’s Russia would acknowledge his legitimacy as Russia’s head-of-state) is bluffing when he says — as he has said ever since 2007 — that under no circumstances will Russia tolerate America’s taking control over Ukraine; that for America to have the ability to place its missiles a mere 317 miles (a 5-minute missile-flight) away from blitz-beheading Russia’s central command and so winning a WW III in 5 minutes, would be utterly unacceptable to Russia and will never happen.

If Biden decides that America must totally ignore Russia’s national security needs and must win its war against Russia that started in America’s take-over of Ukraine during February 2014, to which Russia finally replied by invading Ukraine on 24 February 2022, then everyone in America and in its allied countries will need to prepare for World War Three — a war that no one can reasonably prepare for, because it would end virtually all life on this planet within around five years, and would produce a 50% die-off within the first two years after the thousands of nuclear weapons on both sides have exploded over a period of around a day.

However, if that is to happen, then which side would be to blame? This question can reasonably be answered even now, before that war occurs. The bigger question right now might be whether Mr. Biden is at all concerned with that question. Because if he is not, then everyone should be terrified (and publicly announcing right now, on x and everything else — and contacting Congress — to say that if Biden decides to go to war against Russia, he’ll be the worst leader that any country has ever had). (But how such a thing as this could even happen without a Constitutionally required declaration of war between the United States and Russia suggests that this isn’t a Constitutional Government, after all. Are we learning this fact too late?)

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