Coca-Cola insider spills disturbing secrets surrounding their rigged scheme with Big Pharma

Coca-Cola insider spills disturbing secrets surrounding their rigged scheme with Big Pharma

Coca-Cola insider spills disturbing secrets surrounding their rigged ‘scheme’ with Big Pharma…

from Revolver News:

It probably won’t shock you to hear that Big Pharma is cozying up with our food industry. But the depth of this unholy alliance might just knock your socks off. Fox News host Jesse Watters is shining a spotlight on this issue by featuring a former Coca-Cola employee who’s spilling the beans on exactly how Big Pharma and Big Food manipulate the system to benefit themselves—and, as usual, leave the rest of us in the lurch.


Calley Means blows the lid off how Big Food and Big Pharma have manipulated our health for profit. Mr. Means details how these industries have paid off medical groups to silence the dangerous truth about our food, directly contributing to a national health crisis where the majority of Americans suffer from totally preventable diseases.

In other words, the people who are supposed to keep us nourished and safe are killing us.

Wall Street Apes:

Coca Cola Insider Speaks Out About Company Secrets

Jesse Waters “Our next guest used to work for the Coca-Cola Company, and he says he saw firsthand how the food and pharma industries rigged the system to their advantage”

Calley Means “The most important issue in the world, which is that we’re getting sicker, fatter, more depressed, more infertile because of food.

Eight of the ten leading causes of Americans today are directly tied to food, reversible by food. But we really are gaslighted from that fact. It’s because of a rig system.

Three particular levels I saw is that food companies directly pay medical groups.

Coke has funneled millions of dollars, and the American Academy of Diabetes, the American Academy of Pediatrics, who said the American Nutrition Association, they’ve accepted millions of dollars of coke.

What does that buy?

When we have diabetes water, sugar consumption going up among children 100x in 100 years, we have silence from the American Diabetes Association on sugary drinks when 25% of teenagers now are pre-diabetic. There are also, as you’ve very aptly pointed out, research institutions. And what does that get? What does that 11x more from food than the NIH? What does that get? It gets the doctors on the USDA nutrition guidelines.

Right now, shamefully, and I believe this is the most shameful, violent policy in America, the USDA, our own government, says that a two-year-old, it’s okay for them to have 10 percent of their diet as added sugar.

It’s a systematic rigging of the institutions of trust.

I mean, this is not complicated, and earlier in my career I saw this. You know, unimpressive PR executives sit around conference rooms and ask, how do we rig, how do we gaslight people, you know, in a Rebellion way from not believing what’s right in front of us.

– 80% of American adults are overweight or obese
– 50% of adults have pre-diabetes or diabetes

We are being brought to our knees by preventable metabolic dysfunction. I think the real issue here, Jesse, as you alluded to, is pharma is standing silent, and the medical institutions are standing silent because they profit from people being sick and they’re getting sick because of food.”

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