Who killed Rasputin in 1916? And why the Brits still hate Russia even nowadays?

Claudio Resta[Collection]The monk of Siberian origins, who had so much influence on the imperial family, was assassinated on 30 December 1916, and the details of that plot to eliminate him have always remained mysterious. In 2004, the BBC broadcast the documentary “Who Killed Rasputin? The British plot” (“Who killed Rasputin? The British plot”), claiming that the […]https://www.vtforeignpolicy.com/2024/06/who-killed-rasputin-in-1916-and-why-the-brits-still-hate-russia-even-nowadays/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=who-killed-rasputin-in-1916-and-why-the-brits-still-hate-russia-even-nowadays2024-06-17T00:40:35.000Z2024-06-17T00:40:35.000Z
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