Morpheus Labs Updates

Morpheus Labs Updates

Morpheus Labs Updates

More and more firms want to transition from Web2 to Web3. However, this transition from Web2 to Web3 needs a careful approach. The philosophies behind each of these two Web versions are completely different. That’s why firms want to get the most out of this transition. There aren’t that many companies offering such a transition. However, Morpheus Labs is one of them.

So, let’s see what latest updates are happening at Morpheus Labs.

Scalability Is Key in Web3

Web3 projects need to be able to scale. There are three major options available.

  • Layer 2 solutions — They offload transactions from the main chain. This increases throughput. 
  • Sharding — This offers parallel processing. It divides a network into smaller pieces. You can compare sharding to a busy store. When there’s only one cashier open, a queue will form. Once the store opens up more cashiers, the queue disappears.
  • Off-chain computing — External computation reduces the on-chain load.

Morpheus Labs offers an end-to-end solution for this, SEED. This stands for Solution Environment for Enterprise Development. It allows devs to customize their development process. As a result, they can meet the specific needs of their projects. SEED offers a wide range of features to achieve this. For example,

  • Collaborative Development Environment (CDE).
  • Web3 Low-Code Development Tool.
  • Web3 API Generator. 
  • Comprehensive Web3 APIs and SDKs.

Morpheus Labs

Source: Morpheus Labs SEED

The Ambassador Drive Program

Morpheus Labs had a campaign running to find Ambassadors. An ambassador for a crypto project needs to be passionate about a project. Their goal is to promote, represent, and expand the network of a project. In general, you also share a passion for blockchain technology.

Morpheus Labs Ambassador Drive ran between 5th June and 20th June 2024. In total, Morpheus Labs received no less than 1,000 applications for their ambassador role. Currently, the reviewing process is in full swing. 

Around 6 months ago, Morpheus Labs migrated their initial $MITX token to $MIND. Hence, they want a new and passionate ambassador group to promote their platform.

New Partnership with aelf

Strategic partnerships can strengthen blockchain projects. For instance, both projects can enhance their respective features. Hence, Morpheus Labs partnered with aelf. This is a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain network. It offers, for example,

  • Multichain parallel-processing.
  • Cross-chain communication for unlimited scalability.

The integration of Morpheus Labs’ AI-driven Web3 development tools is at the center of this collaboration. Both teams want to drive Web3 innovation with AI-powered tools. They specifically look at Web3 gaming.

Morpheus Labs can bring the following tools to the table.

  • AI-powered Smart Contract Studio.
  • Web3 Workflow Studio.
  • Their upcoming Web Studio.

Aelf offers an AI-enhanced blockchain architecture. The combination with Morpheus Labs will help to speed up app development. To celebrate this event, there was a $500 giveaway between 4th and 18th June.

New Partnership with ICP Hub Singapore

Morpheus Labs had another partnership in the pipeline. This with ICP Hub Singapore. This is part of the Olympus Accelerator Program. Both teams want to innovate and speed up blockchain tech adoption in three countries. They’re targeting Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. 

The Olympus Accelerator has a $15 million fund. It’s funded by the DFINITY Foundation. It partners with startups and projects across various categories. The accelerator offers resources, mentorship, and funding. This should further their development and market entry.


Morpheus Labs is a key player in transitioning Web2 firms into Web3. We looked into its most recent updates. These included, among others, their SEED feature, their ambassador program and two partnerships.

The current $MIND price is $0.001997. Its marker cap is $2.6 million. There’s a max and total supply of 2.1 billion $MIND. Out of these, 1.3 billion already circulate.


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